Monday, October 19, 2015

Haizley Pearl's birthing day!

I'm so in love with this baby I can't help but to write this experience and not just cry thinking about it! Haizley has been the sweetest baby inside the womb as well as outside and I loved her birthing day!

Okay so here goes on Wednesday October 14th I lost my mucus plug at 9:30am. I was really glad because I lost mine with Brielle in the hospital so I felt like labor would start soon, although I knew it could still take days. I spent the day doing final last minute things preparing for the big day and cuddling with Brielle, knowing soon our one on one time would be gone and just enjoying the moment. I had contractions every 10 to 15 minutes but I had been doing that since Monday and knew it was just my body prepping for the real deal. The day went on and I napped with Brielle and woke up with stronger contractions. I was so happy but knew they still weren't strong enough. 

Brennan had 2 softball games the evening so I decided I would go and run around with Brielle in hopes to onset labor. And I defiantly ran around like crazy.  At one point Brielle ran onto the field and I could barely keep up with her. She kept me so busy and I was sure I would go into labor in the field but as the night continued all the contractions that I had been having throughout the day totally stopped halfway through his games and I was so overly bummed! We left the fields and went home around 8:30pm we made dinner and all got ready for bed. I laid Brielle down and went to relax myself and at about 10:30pm I realized there was no way I could sleep! The contractions were coming on strong. I decided to get in the bath in hopes that would help me relax more. I was exhausted and really wanted to sleep but knew that would be impossible so I figured I needed to relax as much as possible since I had a long process ahead of me. After sitting in the tub, walking around, watching tv (Jane the virgin of course)  trying to get comfortable on the couch my contractions just kept getting stronger. By 4am I felt like we needed to head to the hospital especially when I broke down and started crying.  I knew it was defiantly time. I woke Brennan up and called my mom to come over to be with Brielle. We grab our stuff and headed out the door once my mom was there. I got in the car and realized I was missing my favorite pillow so I went back inside and our silly dog, Lakota ran away so Brennan had to spend the next 15 minutes or so trying to get her back inside. All the while I was standing by the car  in hard labor. He finally got her back inside and we were off to the hospital. 

I cannot tell you the fear that came over me driving to the hospital. It was the same hospital I had Brielle and her experience was so traumatic for me I couldn't even help but only feel scared and terrified. I told Brennan a million times maybe we should just turn around and go home. I really didn't want to have to walk into that place and experience what I had the first time. On top of that in the car my contractions totally stalled because of the fear I was having. Once we hit the parking lot at about 5:15am Brennan parked far away so we could have a little walk to the hospital to calm down my nerves  and hopefully the contractions would start up again and luckily they did. I prayed so hard the I would be at a 7 at the very least because I didn't want to have to labor very long at the hospital and I also didn't want to have to turn around and go home since we just drove the 20 minutes there. We checked in and the place was a ghost town which made it better for me. I felt calmer since it wasn't busy. They wheeled me up to triage where I changed and was monitored for a few minutes. When the nurse told me she was going to check me I was so nervous that I wasn't going to be very far along since I could still talk and felt somewhat "good" Considering being in labor. She told me I was at a 7, 100% effaced and she was even shocked because I seemed to be handling the pain so well. She told me I would be admitted and they would get me a room with a tub. I was literally so over joyed that I was already at a 7. I felt like my baby was going to be in my arms so soon. 

At about 6am I was in my room enjoying the warm heavenly water. The tub in my room was huge and seriously the best thing ever for labor! I wish I could take that tub home with me! I sat in the tub for an hour or so, maybe longer I have no clue really but felt like I needed a break and wanted to sit on the birthing ball. After doing that I felt exhausted and wanted to try to get some rest if I could so my nurse and Brennan helped me into bed and rubbed my back and legs trying to get me comfortable and rested. On a side note my nurse Frances was the best nurse I ever could have asked for and also the nurse show delivered Brielle and between her and my husband there was no way I would have ever been able to survive all this! It was about 9am and I wanted to see if I had progressed at all since I stalled for so long with Brielle (I was stuck at a 7 for hours and pushed for over 8 hours with Brielle and I was not about to do that again) it was very important for me to know my body was working with me to progress. My midwife checked me and I was still at a 7 my heart broke. It had been 4 hard hours and I was still only at a 7. She told us we needed to go walk around and do things that would work with gravity to bring Haizley down. So that is what we did we walked around the halls for about 15 or 20 minutes and then I felt like I couldn't handle it anymore and just wanted to go back to the tub. I was so discouraged and scared that my body wasn't going to progress, I told my nurse I just wanted the epidural so I could rest and relax because I was convinced my body wouldn't progress without one, and I would be stuck at a 7 forever like I did with Brielle. Unfortunately my midwife was in a c-section and so was the anistialogist and they would be there for an hour or so. I had no choice but to suck it up until they were done. I sat in the tub just waiting thinking I could get through the next hour and then I would have relief from the epidural and it would all be fine! The contractions were painful but they slowed down in the tub which I was grateful for since I wanted the epidural anyways. I was so done with all the contractions and frustrated with my body for not progressing like I thought it should. I remember just giving up and really thinking an epidural was best! For some reason the tub was no longer comfortable and so at about 10:30/10:45am I had to get out. I went to the bathroom and was just so exhausted and wanted to be done. I told my nurse I wanted to lay down but laying down was going to be way to uncomfortable so I sat on the birthing ball right next to the bed and laid my head down on a pillow I had 3 contractions on the birthing ball that felt so incredibly forceful and different and I couldn't control these ones. I felt the intense need to push! I was so confused because I never felt my body shift or change so drastically like I thought I would going from a 7 to feeling the urge to push. They helped me onto the bed so my nurse could check me. As she was trying to get ready to check me I could feel Haizley's head and I had no choice but to push. I was still trying so hard not to because I was scared that I wasn't really ready since I pushed to soon with Brielle. I didn't want to push to early this time whatsoever! But it was nearly impossible not to push. My midwife was running into the room and thankfully she did. Because the next contraction my water broke and I was forced to push. They had to coax me to get into a better position so my hips could open up and honestly this was the worst part for me, trying to move and get into a comfortable pushing position was so incredibly hard. I'm not positive a comfortable pushing position even exists. This was the worst pain I had ever felt and I kept saying I couldn't do it even though her head was literally right there. I felt like my body was just exploding open. Once they got me in a better position where I was holding on to the top of the bed I pushed once and her head came out I pushed again and her body came out all in about 2 minutes at 11:10am. They slid her up in front of me and told me to hold her, I was in complete shock! It all happened so fast. Minutes before that I honestly thought I was going to be getting an epidural. I am soo thankful that I didn't! And that my body knew what to do and did it even when I gave up. Haizley was an angel baby and truly, over all made my labor fast and enjoyable! It was such a different experience this time around and the birthing part went better than I could have ever imagined. I could defiantly birth again without fear and I loved not having the epidural and felt I made the right choice and was so thankful I ended up not getting one. Haizley Pearl was 6lbs 15oz 18 and 3/4inches and perfect in every single way! 

Unfortunately the after birth part went a little more rocky. I was lucky I didn't really tear at all and only required 2 stitches that were just on the surface. And I thought it would hurt so badly without the epidural and I decided not to get numb since the shot would be an extra poke seeing I only need two stitches. But it was honestly no big deal. As they were stitching me up they noticed I was hemorrhaging which was really scary! Within minutes they had shots in my leg and medicine in me trying to stop the bleeding. After an hour or two my nurse realized I was still loosing way to much blood. My midwife came back in and literally had to stick her hand up me to get all the blood clots that were stuck in my cervix causing my uterus not to firm up to stop the bleeding. I thought I was going to die I screamed so loudly it was so much worse then the baby I had just pushed out! Tons of blood clots came out which they were hopeful would stop the bleeding but that still didn't do the trick. I had another shot in my leg and they gave me more medication. Then they decided I need pitocin and a catheter. They had the IV and catheter going so quickly. The pitocin was so painful it was like I was in labor all over again with heavy contractions. Only it sucked because I wasn't getting a baby out of this pain. Add to it every few minutes I felt like they were punching my stomach trying to get my uterus to firm up I felt like I was a rag doll! The birth had nothing on this. They estimated that I had lost about 1300ml of blood which is considered a postpartum hemorrhage. I was on the pitocin for the rest of the day and evening and having the catheter was hard because I was just confined to my bed. Which I was so excited for not having an epidural so I could feely move afterwards and I was hoping an unmediated birth would help me recover faster. They did some blood work and with how I was feeling decided that it would be best if I had a blood transfusion. So the fallowing afternoon I was given blood. I was originally hoping to already be home at that point but there was no way I would have been able to feel good enough without the blood transfusion. The blood going into my veins hurt so badly and it burst all of my blood vessels in my wrist and arm where the IV was.  It took a little over 3 hours and they were a long 3 hours with how painful the blood hurt going in. Once it was all over though I felt so restored and alive! Even though it only replace 300ml of blood that I had lost it still made all of the difference. They told me if I didn't recieve the blood it could take up to 6 months to recover. I still have a long road of recovery but the blood should speed it up. The fallowing day we were able to go home and be with our sweet little Brielle and I am so thankful for my family who was so helpful and awesome through this all, modern medicine, my husband and my two sweet little girls!! I would do it all over again in a heart beat for my little Haizley Pearl! 

Im adding some note a couple days after I wrote this. My recovery even with all the incredible amount of  blood I loss has been much better than when I had Brielle and I fully believe this is because I didn't have an epideral this time around. I'm weird and feeling very sad that my pregnacy is over that her birthing day is over and I wish so badly I could go back and redo it all again (or at least the birthing part not so much the after birth) because it was so magical, amazing and spiritual for me and I have never felt so much power and strength then when I was laboring and birthing my baby! I still can't believe I spent the last 9 months preparing for this little beauty and she is finally here! It all went by so quickly. I no longer fear birth and can say that in the long distant future I can see myself doing an unmedicated birth again! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

White Christmas

Today was Christmas and it has been one of the best I've ever had! This year we decided to go to sundance Utah where Brennan's grand parents live! All of Brennan's family went and it has been so fun! It's so nice to enjoy Christmas with family! Especially one as big as Brennan's! Brielle loved all her gifts and I can't believe she is getting so big! She is so self efficient and so happy! We went sledding with all the cousins and I think she enjoyed that for only a few moments! To much snow flies up when sledding. Brennan had a blast and is such a dare devil with the sleds! Today was such the perfect day and I just hope my memory will remember it forever! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Brielle Elaine 12/22/14

Today we have been getting ready to go to sun dance Utah to see grandmaand grandpa grape! You love visiting them and your cousins will be there not to mention the white Christmas you'll be having! Right now at this very moment I am blessed enough to end my day with you snuggled close to me fast asleep. I wish you could know how amazing you are to me but you won't that's truly not possible until one day you have one of your own snuggled close to you! I hear you sweet little breaths dragging you deeper into slumber and I marvel at how perfect something like that could be. I never knew breath could be so meaningful but it is your breath that mean the most to me! Yours and your daddy's. It's hard to say how life blesses you with so much! It happens so gradually that sometimes we miss it! I like to think that some how you came into mine and your fathers life because we all picked each other before this life and loved each other so much that we didn't want that bond to end and I know it has to be true because the moment I met the both of you it was so instant that I loved you! I'm such the lucky one in all of this and I want you to know that all love you forever like you for always forever and ever my baby you'll be! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birth story

So here goes Brielle Elaine's birth story into this wonderful world! It's a long one so brace yourself!! The Sunday after my due date (which was the Thursday before) my husband and I went for a walk. It's the middle of July so it was an extremely hot walk! Contraction started every 10 to 12 minutes! I was overly excited and hopeful that my baby girl would be in my arms soon enough... I couldn't wait, considering I was already 3 days over my due date! The contractions stayed 10 minutes apart until Wednesday morning at 3am. I was already exhausted after being in labor for almost 3 days and being 6 days over due I was pretty much ready for Brielle to pop out at any moment! The contractions were more intense and were coming about every 6 to 7 minutes apart and I couldn't have been more happy. So I decided to get in the bath and relax. It was pretty strange sitting in that warm water and realizing that my baby girl was trying to make her way into this world! After the bath I tried to rest but rest is hard when you are so excited and not to mention in pain! The day went on and the contractions just kept coming but I wanted them to get a lot stronger so Brennan and I decided to walk around target at about 3pm. It was funny when we were walking around because Brennan's mom and little sisters were there, doing back to school shopping.  I was a bit embarrassed because at this point I defiantly looked the part of a women who had been laboring for a while. Wonderfully target did end up being a great place to go for a walk because the best thing happened, my water started leaking! I was pretty much overjoyed because that had to mean baby girl would be here soon right?! So my contractions started getting stronger and as soon as 11pm hit they were down to 2 or 3 minutes apart. I felt like it was time to go to the hospital. The pain never seemed to be intolerable and I was thankful for that.

Brennan and I jumped in the car with our bags packed and we were on our way to mercy Gilbert hospital. In the car I was overwhelmed at the thought that this would be the last car ride without my sweet beautiful baby. When we arrived to the hospital we went through the ER and checked in. Moments later they wheeled me up to triage. When my midwife Janice came in to check me I was only dilated to a 3 and 100% effaced and to say the least I was very disappointed and I begged her to let me go home and labor more in the comfort of my own bed, but since my water had broken they couldn't let me leave! So we were told to walk around the hospital for an hour and then go to bed.  Janice explained to me that if my contractions did not get me more dilated by 3pm the next day I would have to be induced and I felt my very inside crumble.  I was in a complete panic and wanted to run! I was so upset and so exhausted I wished I was at home having a home birth. I DID NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED IN ANY WAY! I was pretty convinced that in no way I would be.  My husband and I walked for an hour and prayed like crazy! After our walk the nurse told us to try to get some sleep and of course I couldn't fall asleep to save my life I was to excited, frustrated and overwhelmed not to mention my contractions were still regular but I felt like my body was failing me by not having these contractions be more intense... that night I prayed for pain! The pain that would set  my baby free from inside me.  Praying for pain is a weird thing to do but it seemed necessary at this point in time.

Being pregnant for over 9 months gave me plenty of time time to research and determine the kind of birth I wanted.  I had taken a 12 week course on the Bradley method. It helped me to know what was best for my baby.  I knew what was best for me emotionally and physically I had done all I could to prepare for this huge moment.  Having a baby is like running a marathon I have heard.  You cannot expect to show up with no preparation and hope to be ready to run the race with enough energy and endurance and I had done so much to be ready for Brielle.  I tracked my food each day, I walked everyday, I did strengthening exercises for my mind and body, my husband was so involved and I knew what I wanted the most unmediated birth a women could experience.  So WHY was my body failing me.  The thought of needing pitocin haunted me all through the night.  The nurse even told me with first time moms she has never seen a women only be dilated at a 3 and not need pitocin to help contraction get stronger in a timely fashion (since my water broke they were worried about infections so I was on a time frame) I hated her for saying that it was the most cruel thing anyone could say to me at that time... so yes like I said that night I prayed for pain.

When the sun started rising, I was even more anxious to get this baby out. I was told even worse news my contractions had gotten father apart, back to 10 minutes apart.  I was devastated and my poor husband had to experience my back lash from all the emotions I was feeling and he handled me so amazingly. Husbands are amazing people!  To many times mine has held me together when I felt like falling apart!

A little while later my mom stopped by that morning with some bagels for breakfast and said a couple encouraging words. My midwife came in at 10am and said the same thing that we had until 3pm and she would pray for strong contractions for me.  At 12pm she told me her shift would be ending and Laura would be coming in to take over.  So my husband had me get up and we walked and walked and bounced on the birth ball and did all we could to get my labor going so I didn't have to have pitocin, and I could stay in control of my body and have the birth I wanted.

The next part is a miracle and I testify that there really is a God and He made my body wonderful!  It wasn't failing me it was working in its own way and I was thankful for the knowledge I had of powerful prayer because he heard me and at 12pm my contractions were unbearable! Laura came in and checked me and I was at a 5 and well on my way to active labor. I was able to get in the warm water of the tub and relax as each contraction came on stronger and stronger.  As my body started to launch its self in to full on delivery I could feel my mind becoming more focused and in tune with what my body needed to do.  The body is a beautiful thing that works in such magnificent ways. The water was a blessing sent from above and I was thankful for it.  I was able to jump back and forth from the warm water of the tub to a steaming hot shower that was also able to take away the pain with each contraction.  It is pretty impressive that my whole life I grew up hearing how horrible natural or unmediated child birth was and as I was experiencing it I never felt more in control, empowered and at peace than at the moment.  Don't get me wrong the pain did hurt but I managed to keep the bigger picture in my mind and knew with each contraction, meant Brielle was that much closer to being in my arms, and as a mother there is no stronger, more driven thought than to hold your baby in your arms. Not to mention I have the most amazing husband! He is more than I could have ever even asked for, he is better than any dream I could have ever dreamt. He is a huge reason why I was able to handle the pain of labor. After a couple hours in the tub I could feel something change drastically! I could feel my body transitioning. My confidence seemed to  be weary and all of a sudden I wanted to give up and go home! I had learned in my birthing class this is a sure sign that baby was well on the way and pushing would happen soon. Even knowing that I felt so scared to go forward but sure enough a few moments later I felt the urge to push... So I did just that! I stared pushing around 6pm So I pushed and I pushed and pushed! I pushed in the tub, I pushed in the bed, I pushed in the shower on the toilet on the floor, EVERYWHERE! I pushed squaring I pushed laying I pushed standing and hunched over! I pushed in so many positions I can't even remember! The contractions kept coming and coming and still no baby. Before I knew it 4 hours had past and I felt like my hospital stay had been another life! Something was wrong at this point so my midwife checked me and I was only at 9cm dilated! I was devastated after pushing so hard for so long! The midwife told me I needed to stop pushing with each contraction and let my body relax more so I could dilate to a 10.

Never in my life have I ever wanted to die but at that very moment I can honestly say I felt like I wished I had. As horrible as that is to say the pain was horrendous! I never felt real pain until this point! Trying not to push when my body was trying so hard to push was beyond difficult! I had to fight the urge of the only thing that seemed to give my body relief!! I was desperate to not feel pain, I was desperate to get some rest and have energy, I was desperate to push, I was desperate to feel in control, I was desperate to bring my daughter into this world the best way I saw fit. I was desperate to have her in my arms and to make sense of this all. That some how in all the cruelty and pain of the situation, that for whatever reason my body was working against me, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

How ironic is child birth! We women experience months of discomfort and changes only to be blessed with the purest joy this world has to offer! And so I didn't push I fought the urge I hung on with all I had! I sat in the steamy shower and tried not to pass out from exhaustion and the heat and the pain. Even though I was convinced passing out would have been better so then they could cut me open and get my baby out! And this whole ordeal would be over and no one would be the wiser. I would eventually wake up after passing out, of course not right a way because after being in labor over 50 hours and pushing for over 4 of those hours and then not pushing for another almost 3 hours means, I would need some rest but when I would awake and my baby would be cut out of me and I would be happy to have her in my arms. She would be perfect and smiling and yes that sounded so desirable so magnificent! And then I hated myself for thinking those thoughts! I felt like a coward! I would do whatever it took to bring my baby into this world. I would sacrifice ever inch of my sanity and body for this little angel inside me! At that moment I knew I would never question if I would love my daughter... People who don't love someone, would never sacrifice so much to protect and fight for something so meaningless... No this was meaningful!
So as I said I didn't push for almost 3 hours and even though I wanted to die... I didn't! My midwife checked me and there was still no progress and I felt like I could barely hang on. I was still only dilated to a 9 which meant Brielle still wasn't here yet and my body was still feeling the pain! 

At that point my midwife suggested things outside of my birth plan which I was thankful for! She suggested I get an epidural so my body could relax and get to a 10 and I could get some much needed rest. I was somewhat relieved I felt like I had given Brielle the fair chance I could, at an unmediated birth. I spent so much time praying for an unmediated birth but plans do change and life teaches us to be flexible, and even though to this day I will never plan on getting an epidural with my other children's births, I am thankful for modern medicine because it saved me in this situation! So at around 1am I received an epidural. The Anesthesiologist showed up within 10 minutes of me agreeing to the epidural and as soon as the needle went in (which I literally felt nothing) I started feeling numb since they loaded me up with a heavy dose I guess that is suppose to work instantly. The epidural was heavenly compared to the pain I had been in! I felt a little more renewed and more like myself after that and the doctor joked with me that I was allowed to get an epidural before I was 9cm dilated next time. It made me laugh and it felt so nice to laugh and not be focused on the pain. 

Everyone left the room so my husband and I could get some rest and so at around 3 am my midwife was back checking in on me to see how far I was and even after 2 hours of rest and feeling relaxed I was still only at a 9 and so they left me alone for a little while longer. About an hour later I was FINALLY at a plus 3, I was celebrating!! I started pushing and with a few pushes I could see Brielle's head in the mirror! On a side not I am a nice wife because I let me husband sleep while I pushed! So again I pushed and I pushed and I pushed and I could see her head but she wasn't moving any further and I was getting frustrated and determined to get her out! I didn't like pushing with the epidural because I couldn't really feel what I was doing so I wasn't sure if I was pushing productively. After pushing for another 3 hours or so and having me move in different positions on the bed they realized Brielle wasn't coming out because she was turned sideways! My first thought was oh my goodness there is no way this is happening right now... Haven't I been through enough? Hasn't my baby been through enough? We were both fighting so hard to meet each other on this earth for the first time and it felt like everything was getting in our way! So they brought in a doctor named Dr. Adams and she was nice and kind. I instantly trusted her, thank goodness since I have a phobia of doctors and I especially didn't want one in my delivery room but it was necessary for her to come in and try to turn Brielle the correct way! 

When Dr. Adams arrived in the room I was almost positive she would say I needed a c-section! After being in labor for hours and pushing for a total of almost 7.5 hours. I was sure a c-section was in my future. However she said she was going to turn Brielle and this is when I was thankful for an epidural. She turned Brielle and said she would give me 30 more minutes to push her out! Well this 30 minutes went by and baby didn't move. Dr. Adams could not feel which way Brielle's head was when she turned her so she turn her posterior making delivery even harder, and to my dismay I was by far devastated. And yet again I was faced with a decision far outside my birth plan. My baby needed to come and I was exhausted! I think at this point I had been very patient but there was worry in the doctor's eyes. Every time I had a contraction the cord would tighten around Brielle's neck making it hard for her to receive oxygen. I was on oxygen and giving her all I could give but it was time she needed to be here. And so my decision needed to be made either to vacuum her out or to have a c-section. I knew I did not want to have a c-section but I also knew having her vacuumed could be dangerous. My doctor seemed so confident that Brielle could be vacuumed out safely and easily. So my husband and I chose to have her vacuumed, and instantly the room changed! They had a whole table out with so many different looking "tools". Nurses were flooding in the room! There were at least 3 nurses for me and 3 for Brielle and I was a little nervous to say the least. 

With my next contraction Dr. Adams began to vacuum Brielle out. Even with an epidural I could still feel the pain but I was to excited with the hopes that Brielle would actually be here any moment, I could honestly care less! It took 3 sets of contraction with me pushing 3 time within each contraction before Brielle finally came out and when she did I could not believe it! All I could scream out was "my baby my baby"! She was instantly placed on my chest and I was in complete bliss! I imagine heaven to be just like that moment! Tears were rolling down my face and it was one of the few times I've ever seen my husband cry! We both had gone through so much in those last couple of days to get our perfect, beautiful, precious baby girl into this world! She was beyond worth it! I swear holding her time just stopped or my heart stopped or maybe even both! I was never so thankful then to know she was healthy and safe in my arms! After a few minutes they let Brennan cut the cord the last thing keeping her attached to my body and I realized she was really in this world! 

Making a human and bringing them into this world is life changing! I still have marks on my body that I am pretty sure will never go away and I now see this world in such a different light!  There is more beauty now in the world because I am blessed with a happy, sweet, and loving child!  Brielle Elaine Nansel is so much more then I could ever imagine and her existence makes mine so much more meaningful!  Even though that day I was blessed to help give her life, she was able to give me a better way to live mine!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I made you!

Tonight I am sitting in bed after putting you to bed and wondering how I ever let you escape my reach and then I remember you love sleeping in your own bed! You use to sleep with me every night right by my side and now if I try to sneak you into bed with me you just end up getting upset because well you're already growing up. You are starting to scoot and be a head dragger as you crawl and my heart breaks a little more with each movement you make! It is the truth you are growing up! You are the greatest creation and sometimes I can't believe my body was able to make you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Elle's first time at the playground 02/10/14

Firstly, I would like to say how I really want Brielle to be known as Elle. It has been my intention since the beginning to call her that so now I am starting to! Anyways so on Saturday we were lucky enoug to go to the park to celebrate Elle's cousins birthday, Jordan. He was turning 6. (Holy he is getting big!) so Brielle was able to play on the playground with some assistance of course! She started on the little swings. 
We had to keep her smokey in or she would try to eat the swing.., can you say eww... Gross!! I don't thing the baby swing gave her and such thrill! 
I think the slide was a little more her style. She would make the cutest face going down! It surprised her a couple times to dip down so fast! She loved it! 
She wasn't that impressed with the big kid swings either but since her daddy enjoys doing crazy "tricks" with her all the time that involve flips and being thrown in the air I can't imagine swings being to interesting either! Overall the park was a success. My baby is an outside baby for sure! She hates staying inside all day! Once she starts walking I'm in trouble though because she will be my on the go crazy crazy baby!! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our baby girl can scoot she is such a hoot! 02/05/14

Brielle Elaine has learned to scoot and it will be the death of me! It's so cute to see her get around with her head down on the ground and her butt up as she tries to make her way around the house! She is a sight to see and is getting strong I'm sure any day now we will see a full on crawl! The problem with her scooting and crawling means my baby is moible! That means I no longer can expect her to stay in one place... I learned that the hard way , when she fell of our bed earlier as I tried to put my contacts in! Luckily no harm was done just a very scared baby and an ever scareder mom! When the heck did my baby grow up and why!!!! I'm not ready for her to be independent! Although with her independence comes a new kind of aditude as well called throwing tantrums. Oh wait as I was saying why is my baby growing up!!! Even with all this she is an extremely loving kid! She smiles, laughs and giggles all the time! Not to mention when I come home from work she and she eyes me she instantly starts screaming and lunging for me! Ahhhh I love being this little girls mom! She completes me in so many ways! I may have been able to give her life and help create her for 9 months but she continues to renew me in ways that will last eternity. Now how do I ever say thank you for that!